Monday, March 10, 2014

Benefits of Doing Yoga at Home

Yoga is an efficient exercise people do to nourish their body, soul and mind, allowing them to have an in-depth understanding and reflection of their inner-self. Yoga is a flexible exercise and anybody can launch it from particularly any place like a quiet room, playground, workplace, and even at home. Doing yoga at home is a top-notch idea, and a person acquires immense benefits than when they do yoga from other places. Here is a summary explaining some of the benefits people acquire from doing yoga at home.

You're your own boss – When you're doing yoga at home, you enjoy the benefit of being your own boss where you're not working under any tension or trying to meet some time constraints. You actually start doing yoga any time and at your own pace, without worrying about anybody pushing you around. Based on the schedule you choose to do some yoga, occasionally you can even choose to extend your yoga exercises or even rest when you feel exhausted. Everything you choose concerning your yoga exercises is based upon your wish.

Sufficient Room of Privacy – Doing yoga at home allows you to enjoy some high level of privacy than when you're doing yoga at other places. Serenity is a vital part in every yoga exercise, and at home is the most ideal place you can acquire maximum serenity due to the high level of privacy around. Also, at home you can enjoy doing yoga dressed under any kind of clothes. You don't have to worry about what to wear in order to impress other people, nonetheless. Thus, due to the sufficient room of privacy you have, you'll enjoy doing some yoga in a much personal level.

Allows you to Multitask stuff – By far, doing yoga at home allows you to multitask stuff, you can take care of your baby around the house, prepare meals and, at the same time, do some yoga. Other places will limit you from acquiring these privileges. For example, at work where you're doing some yoga with your work colleagues to freshen up, it would be hard to take care of your baby but at home it wouldn't be an issue, at all.

Easy to concentrate – It's much easy to concentrate doing yoga at home than when you're exercising yoga from other places. Where you normally do yoga as a group may appear crowded or have other activities that interfere with your yoga exercise concentration; hence rendering the yoga exercise ineffective. At home you're at a low risk of anything affecting your concentration because the place is less crowded, and is also a safe zone from infuriating activities. Consequently, due to the high level of calmness elicited around your home, you'll easily concentrate on your yoga and subsequently reap great benefits from the yoga exercise.

Above are great efficient ways people acquire while doing yoga at home. Home surroundings are, by far, the most conducive places people can enjoy some yoga within their own arranged schedules and discernment. Doing yoga from other places apart from home can be tough due to the high level of disturbance and low level of privacy experienced, which alters the yoga exercise maximum benefits and effectiveness. Now, finding a good program to do yoga at home is not easy and that is why I strongly recommend Kris Frondan's Shapeshifter Yoga, Kris has been teaching the discipline for over 10 years and she is well-known as a body-transforming yoga teacher. Her routines, manuals and videos will kill your muscles and you'll have the figure you'll always wanted. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Great routine for amazing abs

Hi there,

I've found this on the web and this routine is crazy good, give it a try and let me know your thoughts !!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Get Ripped Abs Fast Through Diet and Exercise

There is a whole lot of talk these days about an easy way to get the washboard abs you have always dreamed of. It is true that women around the world seem to be in love with firm stomachs and ripped abs in men --- the question is how do you go about getting them? How do you get a flat stomach and totally ripped abs?

It is important to understand that many workouts designed to tighten your abs are not designed to rid your body of the fat around your stomach.  Let's face it, most of us have some excess fat around our stomachs --- and this fat generally hides our abdominal muscles. Before you get get the ripped abs you want, you need to first get rid of any belly fat you have. Most of us don't understand how to go about doing that.

It is human nature to search for the fastest and easiest routes to anything. Sadly, most people are not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to lose their stomach fat, which must be done before they can work on their abs.

Even strenuous full body cardio workouts will not, by themselves, get rid of fat around the stomach.  Anyone who wants to get rid of stomach fat must understand that it is going to take resistance training in addition to a well-balanced diet. Eating the right foods on a regular basis is the key ingredient in getting rid of stomach fat that covers your abdominal muscles.

Granted that specific ab exercises such as stomach crunches and leg lifts are a great way to achieve ripped abs, but if you have currently belly fat you must start by focusing on getting rid of it.  If you don't get rid of the fat covering your abs or you will never see the washboard effect you so desperately want.

Whenever you are exercising, you want to exercise all the muscle groups in your body. Part of a full body exercise regime are ab-specific exercises that will concentrate on the stomach muscles. These specific exercises are designed to strengthen and tone your abs. In addition, they will strengthen your back, improve your posture, and, when done correctly, will generally strengthen your entire core.

If you are struggling with stubborn fat, a waist line that is too large, or pain in your lower back, you are probably frustrated with all the reports that are confusing and conflicting about fat loss and abdominal training.

Let's repeat this vital point: A well balanced diet, made up of plenty of healthy foods, consumed on a daily basis is necessary, along with with regularly scheduled high intensity resistance exercises, are the keys to getting rid of fat around the stomach area.

The simple rule to follow if you want to have ripped abs, is to first lose your excess weight through diet and exercise. The next step is to begin a program of exercises for your entire body, which include exercises designed to shape your abs.

If you want to start changing the way you look then you have to click here!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Somanabolic Muclemaximizer review

Ok so I found this service while surfing on the web and it look pretty interesting so I've decided to purchase and see how it works, here is my review:

Buying the product:
The product is called Somanabolic Musclemaximizer created by Kyle Leon. Once you purchased the product you will have access to this great system of nutrition plans and weight training.

First there is an introduction video that explains how the program will work for you and also how it has helped many people grow muscle fast. You have a getting started video and guide, which explains in detail how to use this program.

There is a website application where you first need to set up your profile based on your goal, weight, age and weight training program. Then you get to see the fabulous meal plans Kyle has created for you. I say fabulous meal plans because they give you the total amount of calories, proteins, fat, carbs and fiber you need to consume on a daily basis.

One thing I really like about this system is that it allows you to change the meal plans as you wish, obviously keeping in mind that you need to respect the total amount of calories and proteins required per day.

The system is very easy to use and you can start a meal plan from scratch or you can simply edit one of the existing meal plans that are offered to you based on your body type. Once you've selected the best meal plans for you, you can export them to your progress chart to monitor how you are doing. I really like this web app, it is well done, easy to use and it helps you understand the amounts of carbs, proteins and calories you should take every day. Your overall knowledge on nutrition will increase potentially using this system.

Weight training:
But that is not all. The Somanabolic Muclemaximizer comes with great training material and guides for your 9 week training. One of the first documents is the body type guide that explains what are the different body types and helps you identify your own. This guide is very well explained without being too technical or boring.

Once you've set up your profile, your meal plans and you have identified which body type you have, you are ready to start. The weigh training changes depending on white type of body you have. This is not the same training for everyone, Kyle has done a great job preparing excellent routines based on body type.  I've been personally training on this routine and you do feel the muscle grow so this system is not only for new people starting a work out program, but for experts as well.

I have to say that the weight training is my favorite part of the somanobolic system. I honestly thought it was going to be an easy routine with no much results afterwards but men I was wrong. These routines are awesome, well planned and best of all they do show results if followed correctly.

For newbies Kyle has created a video library with demonstrations of every single exercise. These quick videos also offer some great tips on how to make the exercise more difficult when you become an advanced user.

There are even work out logs for you to print and mark as you complete your work out sessions. These will help you fulfill your routine through the nine weeks program.

The Somanaobolic Muclemaximizer system comes also with some great bonus downloads. You have a training guide on supplements and depending on where you are located you can even receive free samples for some of the supplements.

You have other bonuses like how to gain your first 10 pounds and the 7 days out system if you require muscle change as fast as in one week. Another bonus you'll see is a report on foods that burn calories. This is the work of great nutritionists and its a must read, but the best of all is that is was 100% free!
Muscle Maximizer

The Somanabolic Muscle maximizer system works great. I love the meal plans and the weight training is outstanding.

I think one of the best things about this system and about Kyle is the continuous drive to improve. When I first bought the program it came already with all the material and bonuses I've mentioned above but since then I've been receiving new material and other great bonuses by email.

Kyle sends an email every other week with great videos and tips on nutrition. His system works great for people looking to grow muscle and I fully recommend this system.

If you want to try this system yourself or simply learn more about this, then click here!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tips to Reduce Sodium In Your Diet

The average adult requires approximately 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day in their diet. Unfortunately, the average adult consumes far more than that amount. Sodium is hidden in many foods and many don't realize how bad sodium is for health and even worst, most of us don't realized we are eating it.

What Exactly Is Sodium?

Sodium is a naturally occurring mineral. Although salt and sodium aren't the exact same thing, salt is made from sodium chloride and makes our foods taste salty or "normal". 

Where Sodium Is Hidden

Sodium is hidden in many foods that we consume and we're so used to eating it that we don't even notice that it's in there. Consider canned foods, prepared or packaged foods, frozen foods and snack foods. 

I use to by tons of frozen foods in the past, in fact that was the only thing I was buying until I realized that frozen foods have a ton of sodium. Next time you go to the groceries read the nutritional facts and look for the percent of sodium per serving.

How Can I Buy Foods That Aren't Heavy In Sodium?

Fresh and frozen foods are great ways to find foods that aren't heavy in sodium. Read the labels and see if any salt is added. Reduced sodium foods are also available. Many canned foods come in "no salt" versions as well. 

Lean fresh meats are preferable over canned or processed types of meats for sodium content. Fresh meats shouldn't have any sodium added. Avoid deli style meats and cheeses as part of the processing for these items is to add sodium.

What Are Some Reasons Sodium Is Bad For Me?

Sodium can raise blood pressure and cause a person to retain water. Normally our kidney's regulate the sodium in our system but if for some reason they aren't functioning properly this can get out of control and cause fluid retention and high blood pressure. Many people are on diuretics and blood pressure pills for this reason.

How Can I Flavor My Food Without Salt?

This is probably the most common question for someone who has just learned they have high blood pressure or severe fluid retention. The answer is to take advantage of lots of other herbs and spices. A few favorites are lemon seasonings, lime seasonings, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt free seasonings, salt free herb seasonings and fresh cut from the garden herbs or spices. I actually recently found salt reduced in sodium too so you can give that a try.

Many people will create their own seasoning mix using a few of the above suggestions. Once the taste buds adjust to the missing component of salt, the foods actually begin to taste as they should and the persons blood pressure will lower and less fluids will be retained in the body.

What Happens if I cut Back On The Salt In Recipes?

Many cooks have begun using recipes without salt added. Many others have chosen to use half the amount of salt called for in a recipe. There is little difference in the overall results of a recipe if the salt is halved or left out entirely. Consider cooking pasta without adding salt, instant cereals without adding salt and use less salty versions of your favorite broths when cooking. 

The truth is that the average adult requires no more than 1 teaspoonful of sodium in their diet per day. That teaspoonful should be spread out over the entire day's eating.

TIP: Read the nutritional facts of the products you buy. Many companies try to trick you because when you read the nutritional table you see a low percent in sodium but always read the amount per serving, that is super important to check.

I hope you enjoy this article and start reducing sodium in your diet. You can also read more about the dangers of sodium at ABC news.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Fast?

When people begin an exercise program, they often expect results to arrive faster than is practically possible. Like anything worth doing, gains made in exercise take place slowly over time. A question asked by many beginners, especially men, is how they can gain muscle fast. The answer to that question depends on what they have in mind when it comes to gaining muscle. To develop large, well-defined muscles like those of a body builder, there is no fast way. The only way is time and lots of hard work. However, if your goals are more reasonable, there are some things you can do to gain muscle fast.

To gain muscle, three main factors are involved. They are work, nutrition and rest. A lack of any three of these will hinder your ability to put on muscle. Though it's impossible to say which factor is the most often neglected, many people believe it's easier to do the exercise than it is to get proper nutrition and rest.

When it comes to work, you have to put in the effort. You also have to do the right exercises to accomplish the goals you have in mind. If you want to gain muscle mass, you will need to concentrate on moderately heavy weight training. By performing the major exercises that tax the large muscle groups, you achieve a more complete and more taxing workout. Lifts like the bench press, squat and dead lift work best for most people looking to gain muscle.

Once you workout, you must rest. The harder you work, the more rest you will need. Though it may seem counter intuitive to have to rest more to gain muscle fast, it really makes sense. Your muscles grow by repairing damage done during exercise. This growth requires lots of rest.

Nutrition is essential in growing muscles. You and your muscles are what you eat. If you do not feed the muscles the nutrients they require, not only will you not gain muscle fast, you will not gain muscle at all. Plenty of protein to build the muscle, as well as fats and carbohydrates to feed the muscle are essential. Supplements can help ensure you get everything you need, but good natural food is important also.

Though you shouldn't expect to look like a body builder after a month in the gym, there are some things you can do speed up muscle growth. Eat, sleep and work hard. Before you know it you'll achieve the muscles you desire.

Feel free to share your own stories. To your success.


Monday, February 25, 2013

3 Strategies for Living Healthy

Many people list living healthy as a goal or something they would eventually like to achieve. But there is no reason why you cannot start living a healthier lifestyle right now. Even simple changes can lead to big improvements as far as your health is concerned. There are lots of benefits to putting some effort into bettering your health. If you want to enjoy life more and feel better every day, start implementing these 3 simple strategies for living healthy today.

1 – Eat Better
You are what you eat. If you want to look and feel better, it only makes sense that you should eat better, too. However, “eat better” is very general advice. What are some specific ways that you can improve your diet and see real changes in your health as a result?

Eat Healthier Snacks. Snack foods tend to be some of the saltiest, sweetest, fattiest foods you eat all day. Potato chips, French fries, ice cream, cookies, and other snacks can really throw off you efforts to eat better. The good news is that you can make some simple changes to improve your health. Switch out those unhealthy snack foods for better choices such as fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, or whole grain cereals. These foods are just as tasty but are much better for you.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks. Soft drinks, juice mixes, and other artificially flavored drinks are packed full of sugar and other ingredients that lead to obesity. Want to make real change? Switch out your soda for a glass of water or freshly squeezed fruit juice. It tastes great and will leave you feeling much better than a beverage loaded with sugar.

2 – Get Regular Exercise
You have to get active if you want to live healthy. The good news is that you do not have to do much in order to enjoy a variety of health benefits from exercise. In fact, just walking 15 minutes each day can impact your health for the better. Even simple cardio exercises get your blood flowing and strengthen the heart while also helping you maintain a healthy weight and reducing your stress levels. Of course, the more effort you put into your exercise routine, the more results you will see.

If you are having trouble getting motivated, try joining a local fitness class, getting a gym membership close to home, or finding a friend who can help you stick to your fitness goals.

3 – Get Your Beauty Sleep
Many people find it difficult to get enough sleep because of their busy lifestyles. But the reality is that getting 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night is important to maintaining your health. Sleeping helps rejuvenate your body, keeps you energized, and helps prevent illness.

Another important function of sleep is reducing your stress levels. When your work schedule or family responsibilities have worn you out physically or emotionally, getting a good night’s rest can do much to help you prevent letting those things negatively affect your health.

Put these strategies into practice right away. You will quickly see excellent results as you become living a healthier, more enjoyable life. I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to share your comments or other ideas about living a healthier life. Thanks for reading.